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BPO Genius - Pricing Policy

Date of Last Revision: August 27, 2009.


BPO Genius charges a per month subscription cost to use its services. After the trial period, the cost is $49.95/month. This monthly fee covers up to 9 users. For additional users, the cost is $5/month for each 6 additional users.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund / Cancellation / Shipping Policy

BPO Genius is an online service, therefore no shipping costs are incurred. BPO Genius does not allow refunds once the purchase has been made, however, if BPO Genius does not help you to complete BPOs faster and more efficiently within the first 30 days, we will give you the next 30 days of access to this site for FREE.

If you are not completely satisfied with BPOGenius, you can cancel at any time and keep the vendor database list as our FREE gift to you just for trying BPO Genius.

BPO Genius reserves the right to change their pricing structure at any time without prior warning. Questions regarding this pricing policy, or regarding any other aspects of, should be sent using the "contact us" link above.