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FAQs about BPOGenius

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Q: How much does it cost?
A: $49.95/month, the cost of one BPO, plus a $99 setup fee. During our promotional we will waive the setup fee and give you one free month! This is a savings of almost $150! Sign up today to take advantage of this special offer.

Q: How many users can I set up?
A: The monthly fee covers up to 9 users. For additional users, the cost is $5/month for each 6 additional users.

Q: Do my agents/employees/contractors have access to the client database?
A: No, access to the client database is restricted to the admin login user.

Q: Is there a tutorial video?
A: Yes! Please click here to view the BPOGenius tutorial video on how to get started. We also offer periodic free online training sessions.

Q: Do I have to buy and install additional software?
A: No, BPOGenius runs from any web browser and does not require additional software.

Q: How many admin accounts or users can I have?
A: There is no limit to the number of user/admin accounts that you can create. Please see above for pricing.

Q: When will I receive the client list?
A: The full client list will be available to you once you have paid for your first month's subscription.

Q: I have a friend in the business who I think would benefit from BPOGenius. I would be happy to refer him to you, but do you have a referral program?
A: We have a affiliate referral program in place with discount codes and banners for your website. Please contact us and we will get you signed up with our affiliate referral program!

Q: I think your system is great and I have a suggestion to make it even better.
A: We have developers who are actively working on the system. You'll probably see new features added every week! We welcome any comments or suggestions that you might have. Please use the contact us button above to send us a note!

Q: Why did you create BPOGenius / What is your company's history?
A: As an active BPO / real estate company who was frustrated with managing BPO's the old-fashioned way (excel spreadsheets and stand-alone databases that were not accessible), we decided it was time to create our own online system to manage BPOs. We partnered with a high-end web application developer to help us create the BPOGenius system. We worked with many other BPO companies to develop a unified system that would be helpful to most organizations. The result - BPOGenius!

Q: Is BPOGenius for BPO agents only?
A: No. BPOGenius is for any real estate professional who is looking to grow their BPO and REO business. BPOGenius is the ultimate system to manage and streamline your BPO, CMA, Inspection and Monthly Activity Report (MAR) tasks. The BPO Genius task management system can save you time and money and allow you and your agents to keep track of your orders and tasks no matter where you are physically.

Q: Is BPOGenius for BPO tasks only?
A: No. BPOGenius allows you to manage all of your BPO, CMA, Inspection and Monthly Activity Report (MAR), data entry, and picture tasks from anywhere. Since BPOGenius’ task are easily customizable for each office, we even have agents who use BPOGenius for other tasks such as scheduling the install and removal of lockboxes and listing signs, scheduling pictures for marketing materials and much more

Q: Does BPOGenius provide support staff to assist me when needed?
A: Yes. Our sales department is ready to answer all of your questions before you sign up to help you decide if BPOGenius is right for you. For your members, we have trained technical support staff to assist with technical difficulties. Remember, signing up is quick and easy!

Q: How secure is my account information?
A: BPOGenius is protected by Comodo SSL with 256-bit encryption, so that all of your personal information is submitted safely and securely. Passwords are also encrypted (using secure hashing methods), to help ensure the safety of your account. BPOGenius is certified PCI compliant, and we use industry standard security measures to ensure data safety.

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