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Welcome to BPOGenius!

Welcome to BPOGenius!

     Hi, my name is Adrian Petrila, and I’ve been in the BPO business for several years. I’m writing to tell you about a very unusual product I’m fortunate to have had for the past 2 years and I wouldn’t give up without a fight.

     Currently, I need to work only a 40 hour work week. I have uninterrupted days, weekends and vacations. I do my daily hobbies, have dinner, shop and relax with my cell phone turned off, in a drawer. I make over $150,000 a year. I complete well over 5,000 BPOs per year, yet I never worry about deadlines. I don’t turn in late orders; and I don’t worry whether I’ve been paid for my orders. More about this later.

     First, a quick trip back in time.

     My first several years in real estate were probably much like your own experience. I did achieve success. In my brokerage, I was sales agent of the month two or three times a year. I got trophies and plaques. I was the envy of others in my office and in this area. I made good money some years, really good money some years, and not so good money some years. My point is, I did NOT turn to BPOs because I was a flop in the regular real estate business.

     I got frustrated and burnt out, the residential market turned soft, my clients refused to see the writing on the wall, so in one single day, I left it all behind and I turned to BPOs as an alternative income stream and in a short amount of time I built a strong consistent base of BPO clients who were sending me more orders than I could handle.

     Why would a reasonably successful agent who was completing 150-200 BPOs per months and was earning a good income consider quitting the BPO business altogether?
     For the same reasons you think about it. I came to HATE doing data entry until midnight. HATED taking pictures starting at 7:00 in the morning. HATED trying to remember deadlines. HATED getting there for interior inspections and the agent “forgot” to show up. HATED getting my orders kicked back by someone 3,000 miles away who has never been to my town. HATED being up past midnight completing orders and worrying about the mountain of work waiting for me the next day. BUT MOST OF ALL, I REALLY HATED NOT HAVING A LIFE.  Not having even a moment of peace. Being on call all the time, like a heart surgeon.

     But most of all, above all else, I didn’t like the fact that a successful BPO career and business was all consuming, was working 24/7, overpowering life, and made me “jumpy” all the time. When I wasn’t working, I was thinking about the work I should be doing and actually feeling guilty about taking a day off. I let the business interrupt me night and day. I happened to like spending time with my wife, and for 3 years, I can’t recall taking even one evening without being interrupted by my cell phone or email and feeling compelled to respond immediately.

     Might not be long walks in the woods for you. Maybe it’s a day on your boat on the water, or a golf game, or just going to dinner and a movie, still, I’m sure you know exactly the stressful, constantly anxious feeling that I’m talking about.

     So I thought about quitting BPOs, putting my license in a drawer, maybe experimenting with other things.

     Then, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. There has to be some tool or piece of technology that can help me. I looked, I searched, I asked other agents and to my surprise I found nothing.  Sure, there are tons of tools and resources for the BPO clients, but there was nothing to help me, the BPO agent, manage my BPO business, to help me relieve the stress and anxiety I was feeling every day.

     So, I took matters into my on hands and created BPOGenius.

     Now, I’ll give you the details-and I urge you NOT to quickly prejudge. I’ll also talk about the drawbacks and disadvantages, the reasons NOT to sign up, why this might NOT be for you. But if you say “not for me” too quickly, you just might close your mind to the only balanced opportunity ever created for BPO agents; a way to have your cake and eat it too; to use your real estate knowledge and valuation skills and earn $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 and up while still having a life and peace of mind.

What BPOGenius is NOT:

     Let me begin by telling you what BPOGenius is NOT:

     BPOGenius does NOT auto-accept orders for you. Most BPO clients frown on the idea of someone hacking into their websites once every 60 seconds scanning for new orders and many have threatened to fire agents for this exact practice. My goal it to have an abundant and steady stream of good BPOs furnished by my clients, not by antagonizing them, but by nurturing and developing professional relationships. To the point of them assigning me their orders automatically, so I do NOT worry about being the first rat to press the magic button to get the BPO treat.

What BPOGenius IS:

     So, back to the day I almost quit the BPO business because I could not take the constant pressure, anxiety and stress any more.

     The lack of a professional BPO management system led me to create BPOGenius.

     Today, I complete 400-500 BPO per month but I do NOT work 60, 70, or 80 hour weeks, from 7am to midnight, but basically I work a 40 hour week. I do NOT worry about what orders are due and when, I don’t stress over what pictures have been taken, I do NOT loose BPOs and I do NOT turn in late BPOs, EVER, in fact I complete most of my BPOs days before they are due. I do NOT have any of the anxiety, stress and constant pressure I had as a “normal” BPO agent, but I do have the 6-figure income most agents aspire to but, truthfully, very few achieve. And for all of this, my clients absolutely love me.

     Now to BPOGenius itself.

     It is inaccurate and to call it a BPO management “tool,” although much of BPOGenius does for me is to manage the 5,000 BPOs I complete each year. At any one given month, I am working on 400 to 500 BPOs for 30-40 different clients. But the way I went from killing myself and my personal life completing 150 BPOs per month to completing 3 times as many BPOs working only 40 hours per week, is the BPOGenius BPO management system. You see, what most agents fail too see is that most BPO clients grade agents on any number of variables, but primarily on timeliness and accuracy. Then, the client usually assigns new orders to the highest rated agent in the area. The way to distinguish oneself from other BPO agents is not to do a good job and turn in orders on time, but to do an excellent job and turn in orders 1 or 2 days ahead of when they are due. What the BPOGenius system allows me to do is exactly this. While most agents struggle to complete their orders on time, I complete more than 90% of my orders 1 or 2 days before they are due. Because I have created professional rapport and maintain an excellent business relationship with them, I am on the preferred vendor list for most of my BPO clients, this means they assign the orders to me and I don’t have to beg them for work.

     I am not the most organized person you will ever meet, but I don’t have to be, my BPOGenius does that for me. I already told you how the constant pressure, anxiety and stress of trying to juggle 150 BPOs per months nearly got me to quit the valuation business. Now multiply that by 3, 4 or 5 times the volume and tell me if your head begins to spin. There are a lot of details that have to be dealt with: When are the orders due? What client are they for? Is it an exterior or an interior order? When am I going to take the pictures? Did I not already take the pictures for this order? Have I pulled the comps yet? Is the data entry done? Have I been paid for any of my hard work? There were many nights I tossed and turned being kept awake by these questions. Today, I sleep like a baby. Honesty, I never give any of these more than a passing thought.

Who IS BPOGenius For?

     If you are like I was and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the constant pressure, anxiety and stress associated with managing your BPOs, BPOGenius is for you.

     BPOGenius is ideal for the established BPO agent who, just like me, the valuation business and providing his or her clients with a quality product but who does not like or is burnt out on late nights, late orders, constantly pushing to get work, then unable to effectively mange the BPOs…and weary of being on point, on call, under pressure 24 hours a day 7 days a week, being unable to safely predict and schedule times when you can be with your spouse, family or friends free of interruption.

    BPOGenius can be ideal for the new or less experienced BPO agent who wants to start on the right foot to a super-successful BPO business and needs help providing his or her clients with a superior product to help stand out from the overcrowded sea of other BPO agents. BPOGenius also comes complete with a FREE list of over 100 BPO clients and a FREE Quick-Start Guide to lend you a hand getting started on your BPO business.

     It is definitely a good fit for someone who has a BPO team, someone who has runners and administrative assistants helping with the demands of a high volume BPOs business where many of the different BPO task as assigned to different team member only to find that the headaches, frustrations, constant pressure, anxiety and stress are multiplied exponentially. If you were involved in team sports while in school, for example, you’ll get this easily, the atmosphere, the camaraderie of the team, the setting and accomplishing of team goals, will all be familiar to you. I image that someone who was a corporate executive in his or her life before real estate would find it familiar and comfortable setting as well. By the way, I always played team sports and I think that helped prepare me, mentally, for what goes on here. You just cannot do over 5000 BPOs a year without each and every person in the boat rowing together in unison, everybody taking pride in their part, completing their tasks on time and propelling the team forward.

Let’s Talk Money

If what I’ve said so far interests you, then you will want to know what BPOGenius costs.

First, just a minute or two of comparison, as a framework. Things you already know but may not think through everyday. Like:

  • Have you ever turned in a late BPO?
  • Have you every forgotten to take pictures for a BPO?
  • Have you ever not been paid for BPO?
  • Do you even know if you have ever not been paid for a BPO?
  • If you have a team, are you paying them too much?
  • Is your BPO machine profitable?

     If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you have lost at least the value of one BPO, $50. If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these questions or can answer “Yes” multiple times for the same question, you have probably lost hundreds of dollars. If you have been doing BPOs for several years, it can potentially be thousands of dollars as it was in my case.

   Additionally, consider all the late evenings you spend on data entry, the sleepless nights you spend worrying about what orders are due and when, stressed over what pictures have been taken, and anxiety about lost BPOs and late BPOs.

     At this point, even if BPOGenius solved just one of these problems for you if would cost you nothing and if it solved more than one would make you money. Personally, I can’t put a price tag on peace of mind and a good night’s sleep, but here it is anyway:

    So, for about the cost of 1 BPO per month ($49.95) you too can experience the peace of mind that come from knowing that your BPO business virtually managers itself and you can say goodbye to the constant pressure, anxiety and stress associated with juggling your due dates and times, remembering if you have been paid for your hard work, and scrutinizing which team member is responsible for what tasks and when.,

What do you get for the money?
  • Access to
  • Free list of over 100 BPO companies
  • Free BPO quick start guide
  • Free one-on-one BPOGenius training

My Guarantees:

    I strongly believe in BPOGenius and I am convinced it will revolutionize your BPO business and your personal life, to prove this I will offer you the following guarantees:

  1. If you are not 100% satisfied with BPOGenius, you can cancel the service at any time, NO questions asked, and you can keep the FREE list of over 100 BPO clients and the FREE Quick-Start Guide as my gifts to you.*
  1. If BPOGenius does not help you complete your BPOs faster and more efficiently in the first 30 days of use, I will give you the next 30 days for FREE.

What To Do Next:

     First, you NEED to complete the registration form here to set up your BPOGenius account and you will receive a confirmation email with your login info.

     Second, you should either reply to the initial email or call one of our trained BPOGenius staff to set up a FREE training session to show you all of the many features and benefits BPOGenius has to offer and to make sure you optimize your use of the BPOGenius system.

    Third, even if you are a seasoned and established BPO agent, go through my FREE list of over 100 BPO clients one by one and make sure you register with any of the BPO clients on the list you currently don’t work for. In addition to using the BPOGenius management system, this is the one thing that can help you grow your BPO business almost immediately.

     I look forward to having you as part of our BPOGenius team!

    Adrian Petrila

     P.S. There is no other BPO management system like this in the entire world of real estate. It is unique.  If you are ready to say goodbye to the constant pressure, anxiety and stress “normal” BPO agents put up with, register now, you have nothing to loose. See what some of our 500+ BPO users are saying:

Thanks Much! I love this product by the way…. It has made our life 100 times easier than excel spreadsheets. We do about 250+ orders a month and it was really hard to keep track.   – Marguerite C.

We switched to BPO Genius about a month ago and are kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner!  Set up was fast and easy.  We no longer have BPO deadlines that sneak up on us because they're all in the same place and are organized by due date. This AWESOME management system is easy to use and allows us to track all of our orders at once.  I can't believe how inexpensive it is!  Thanks BPO Genius!   – Bob Z.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• If BPOGenius does not help you to complete BPOs faster and more efficiently within the first 30 days, we will give you the next 30 days for FREE.
• If you are not completely satisfied with BPOGenius, you can cancel at any time and keep the BPO Company database list and BPO Quick-Start Guide as our FREE gift to you just for trying BPOGenius.